We pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments and patient care. Its always nice to get some good feedback...

It was something of a shock to be told I'd got a hernia and would need day surgery; Mr Baskerville's careful explanations of my condition, how the repair would be done, how I should prepare myself, what I could expect on the day of surgery and how I should go about recovery, were enormously helpful.

Within two hours of the operation I was walking unaided and had a coffee on the way back home.

As a fit working person, living alone, quick recovery to full mobility was so important to me. Being kept informed and involved built my confidence. Being able to function an hour or so after the operation and to manage my pain easily, let me just get on with things. This is how modern surgery should be.

David D

From the first consultation with Mr Baskerville, I felt I was in safe and informed...and informative....hands. He was very approachable and open to questions, which I have not found is always the case.

He removed varicose veins from my legs and, significantly for me, a pronounced vein on my arm and upper chest. The latter I had considered a blight for years, but had not realised could be removed.

I am especially grateful to have the unsightly veins in my arm no longer there...as well as being free of intermittent pain …..I am a very satisfied and a very grateful patient.

Miss Felicity P

"I have been entirely happy with the care I received from Mr Baskerville, and his staff and colleagues. He was completely clear about the procedure and I am very happy with the results. I felt the before and after-care have been very comprehensive and I am delighted I came to this practice, which I did on recommendation. I shall be recommending the practice too!"

Tammy K