Non-insured Patients

We welcome patients who may not have private insurance. All our fees are discussed with you beforehand, and many in-hospital interventional procedures can be arranged as a package for at a fixed price.

Insurance Companies

Varicose Veins

Many insurance companies now actually dissuade their clients from accessing care for varicose veins and their associated disorders. However NICE guidelines ( published in August 2014 state that:

The quality standard for varicose veins in the legs is made up of 3 statements that describe high quality care for people with varicose veins in the legs. These statements set out the quality of care you should receive.

  1. People with varicose veins that are causing symptoms (for example pain, aching, discomfort, swelling, heaviness and itching) or problems such as bleeding, eczema or leg ulcers are referred to a vascular service (a team of healthcare professionals who have training and experience in diagnosing and treating varicose veins).
  2. People with varicose veins who have been referred to a vascular service have a duplex ultrasound scan (a scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a picture of the veins). The scan shows the blood flow and helps the vascular service team locate any damaged valves that might be causing the varicose veins.
  3. People with varicose veins caused by problems with the blood flow in the leg are offered treatment with
    • endothermal ablation (in which the veins are closed off using heat)
    • or, if endothermal ablation is unsuitable, a treatment called ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy (in which the veins are closed off using a chemical foam)
    • or, if both endothermal ablation and ultra sound guided-foam sclerotherapy are unsuitable, surgery to remove the varicose veins.
    They should only be offered compression hosiery (stockings designed to improve blood flow by squeezing the legs) as a permanent treatment if none of the other treatments are suitable for them. You should therefore be able to access consultation, investigation and treatment about your suspected venous disease.

Some insurance companies have also decided to limit patient access to doctors of their choice, or specialists recommended to them by their G.Ps. This often excludes some of the more experienced doctors in their chosen specialty. At the Baskerville Clinic we have always and will continue to provide all our patients with information about any charges prior to any commitment on their part. This includes any shortfall likely to occur because of the patients insurance companies restrictions (see also Non-insured Patients)

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