Thread Veins Treatments

Sclerotherapy is the first choice treatment for almost all types of thread veins on the legs.

Treatment sessions take place at the Baskerville Clinic and take approximately 30 minutes. After treatment you can return to work immediately (some people have this treatment in their lunch hour).

Microinjection sclerotherapy involves the introduction of the smallest disposable needle into a vein in order to inject a minute amount of sclerosant solution. This breaks down the lining of the vessel so that blood can no longer flow through it. The residual tissue is then removed by the body's natural mechanism over a period of time and the vessels disappear.

This treatment cannot prevent the appearance of new thread veins, but since the sclerosant solution is quickly broken down it can be repeated whenever thread veins need treatment. A very considerable number of veins can be treated in a session, though there is a limit to how much solution can be injected on each occasion.

In recent years there have been many advances in the use of lasers in the treatment of Thread Veins, and there are many clinics offering different types of treatment. Treatment time is similar to sclerotherapy and you are free to return to your usual activities afterwards.

Whilst laser therapy is extremely successful with facial thread veins, it is generally acknowledged that the treatment of choice for the rest of the body is Microinjection Sclerotherapy. Here at the Baskerville Clinic we are able to advise on all forms of laser therapy and are very well acquainted with the many options currently available.

This treatment, whereby a probe is inserted at intervals along the vessel and an electric current used to 'fry' the thread veins, is still in use but has become less popular since the advent of laser therapy.